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Magnet Theater free improv classes in new york city nyc

I"m so thrilled to be a part of the web team that coded the new look for the Magnet Theater's website ( Obviously I won't get into the nitty gritty but I am particularly proud of the classes page. It lists all the improv comedy classes currently offered at the theater along with the ability to sign a waiting list for ones that have already filled up. While coding the backend of the site, I was excited to see the up-and-coming sketch comedy program taking shape. Better yet, two of the owners, Armando Diaz and Ed Herbstman, are teaching level two sketch classes!

A difference between the old site and the current one is the Magnet Theater's Corporate offerings and Touring Company (Tour co.). According to the website, a group of some of the best and most hilarious improvisers at the theater will bring the fun and supportive improv environment to you. Having been privileged to instruct a few team-building workshops I know that the value of seeing co-workers do something outside the office along side each other. It's like morale is being boosted every second.

The most fulfilling part of launching the site is feeling like I am contributing to the amazing community of which I am so proud to be a part. In addition to being the home to some of the best comedy I have ever seen, the people are what make me happiest. I met my fiance when she was an intern and I was performing on a Megawatt team. And my story is not unique. The Magnet Theater is a great place to meet girls! Whether I am sharing a cheap beer (or wine) at the bar with some seasoned improviser or sharing a scene with a first timer at a free mixer, it never ceases to get old. I guess that's because improv never ages. There are teenagers and septuagenarians playing amongst us, but who cares? With a positive open minded community like improv, age just isn't a factor.

Insomnia induced ramblings...

"Thinking too much is a disease for which ignorance is the only cure." -Sean Taylor

One day I may look at this quote and think "wow," but right now I just think, "I need sleep" and "why did I eat peanut butter at 3am?"


More from Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, NYC
  • Hot Water: The hot water is variable, to say the least.  It doesn't run out but it fluctuates and does the thing where it starts to drops to luke warm so you nudge up the shower knob a millionth of an inch and your scalding yourself.  I am exaggerating a little but I wonder why it does this.  Som reason maintenance gives are "this is an old building" and " there are a lot of other apartments using the same hot water."  First of all, I was told the building was built in the '50s.  I honestly do not know which century.  I've narrowed it down to either 1950's or 1850's, and I'm about 90% sure it's 1950's. However, I've also heard our apartment be called "pre-war."  This would mean that it's either "pre-Gulf War" or "pre-Vietnam conflict" if it is 1950's.  If it's 1850's, well, then I guess it's pre-Civil War.  And, if that's the case, this apartment is in amazing shape and I have no reason to complain about having to keep one hand on the knob while showering.  

  • If it is, in fact, 1950's, then that's not too old.  And as for "other apartments," there are only 5 (five) other apartments and when I'm taking these showers is either way after midnight or during the work day.  I know, I need a job, but that's beside the point, Live Journal!  I mention it because I'm not competing with anyone for hot water while I'm showering.

  • Buzzer - I've lived in New York City (mainly Queens) for 10 years and never had a functioning buzzer.  This may have changed today.  To be fair, the buzzer did not work until today.  The guy who was fixing it came up after testing it and said "it works now."  Then continued to say, "it doesn't make a sound but the buzzer opens the door."  I said, "you mean when I 'buzz' someone up, there is no 'buzz?'"  He nodded then realized that I might not yet sign off on it and said he'd go back down to see if he could fix it.  Truth be told, I would have signed off on it since it did save me from having to walk all the way down to open the door when someone visits.  Not sure what he did next but within five minutes it was buzzing.  I did sign off on it but had to ask if it was possible to turn down the volume of the speaker.  As it is, if someone rings our doorbell, a prison alarm sounds in our living room.  It's so loud!  I understand women always have their cell phones on high volume settings in the event it's at the bottom of their handbags but in a small Manhattan apartment, we do not have that luxury.  The living room adjoins the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.  The buzzer fixer said he couldn't turn ours down without turning down the volume for the whole building.  I was ok with this but he was not.  So, now when you visit, call me ahead of time rather than ringing the bell.  If you do ring the bell, understand we may need time clean up the sh*t that just got scared out of us when you did so.

  • Good Food - Today we decided to try the Thai Place that is immediately downstairs.  It's called The Siam Grill but the menus say "Talent II."  They have a decent lunch special...$6.95 for entree and soup or salad.  It was pretty filling too...oh, and tasty.  I felt dorky though since I showed up wearing a scarf, huge jacket, and knit hat and this place is literally IN my building.  The address of The Siam Grill/Talent II is the exact address as me yet, judging by what I was wearing I was expecting to be served in an igloo.   Afterward I just went right back upstairs (a decision the curry helped me make).  The good news is that the Thai place downstairs and the Mexican place (Zuni) up the block are both tasty enough to revisit...and, oh, don't get me started on my proximity to a Chipotle.  I've already been three times. 

That's my update.