tayls99 (tayls99) wrote,

a slice of fun

My favorite pizza blog (http://www.sliceny.com) featured me (and my video log of pizza) on their site today. This means two things...

(1) Sliceny is awesome and I love that they support my annual endeavor to eat 31 days of pizza and

(2) I gotta finish the written blog section of each pizza day.

Typically I write the blog as I am posting the photos and soon after the pizza day. However, this year, since I made it a video log. I spent far more time editing and videotaping and importing/exporting data and clearing space on hard drives to keep up with the written blog. Should I still do the written blog? Well, yes! I have to. At the end of every youtube file I say "for a more detailed review check my blog located at seantaylor.us". Speaking of which, this is a blog also located at seantaylor.us so people might accidently come here. Well, everyone is welcome. Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to comment on this blog while the other one is preparation.

I'll be back soon, live journal!

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