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Sean Taylor's July Newsletter; a new mid-summer classic

 Sean Taylor's Newsletter
July 2009
Vol. 18 
Better Late-r, than GATOR!!!

If you promise to eat it, I will bayou alligator - I ate gator...in New Orleans, not this cute fellow but someone who looks a lot like him (no offense). I took this picture on Avery Island, Lousiana (home of the Tabasco sauce factory). I also ate frogs' legs for the sole purpose of saying that I ate them. And, well, I just did. So, all bragging aside, I prefer crayfish, shrimp, andouille, and everything else I ate in that delicious town. Did you know that Cajun people are descendants of French peasants displaced from Nova Scotia? Yeah, like pilgrims, they came over to the "New World" seeking a new life away from religious wars and sucky Europe. Ha! You can learn a lot from a newsletter!

Can I...Play?! - I did my first play in years. You are probably wondering "Did you have an accent?" and "Was there a kiss scene?" and "Were you barefoot and wearing black?" to which the answers are..."Yes," "Yes," and "Of course!" I played Sylvia Plath's husband, Ted Hughes. The play is The Lazarus Yearsby Kate Mulley and was part of the Jamboree! created by Olivia Gilliatt (she played Sylvia Plath). The run is over but there will be more plays in the near future from Odyssey Productions.

It's Up, and It's Good...in my opinion - Check out the new look to the Magnet website that Justin Moran and I launched this past month. Let me know if something doesn't work and I'll find a way to pin it on Justin. If you like the site, you should see the SQL (pronounced "sequel"). Not every programer will let you see his backend. Nope, I'm a unique member of that array!

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Sean's TV/web/stage/field guide
eventdate/time & descriptionvenue
Dad's 60th
Mon 7/13 : My dad celebrates his 60th year of life. He's a scratch golfer but still has several years before he can realistically "hit his age." I mean, he'd have to shoot 12 under par to get a 60.Reynold's Plantation, Georgia
NY Pizza
Thursdays in July after 9p show: My favorite slice place in the city has offered to supply free pizza to the audiences of Thursday Night Out for the month of July. That means $5 gets you a whole night of entertainment AND pizza!magnet
Musical Improv ensemblesTue 7/14 & 7/28 @10p: The Magnet Theater debuts its newly developed house ensembles performing off-the-cuff, on-the-spot Musicals! It's a spectacle not to be missed. That being said, I'll be in GA for the debut, but won't miss the show on the 28th.magnet
The Spotlight with Sean Taylor
My talk show featuring folks who have been on TV!
Encore condensed episodes of The Spotlight are available on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network for folks living in Manhattan with Time Warner cable. So, set your DVRs to the upcoming air dates and times...


Thursday, Jul 9th, 2009 @11:30p on Channel 67
Thursday, Jul 23th, 2009 @11:30p on Channel 67


Want to talk about YOUR appearance on TV? Please click here to submit yourself to be a guest on the show!


Sean's Upcoming shows
(all shows in NYC unless otherwise indicated)
Thu, Jul 09
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Wed, Jul 15
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Jul 23
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Mon, Jul 27Class Performance
6:30p Level 4 Class Performance
@ the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater
307 W. 26th Street
Thu, Jul 30
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
See Sean's full schedule of shows

- You read this far so watch Robin sing karaoke at 3am on Bourbon St, New Orleans 
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