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Whoopee! A Newsletter..

 Sean Taylor's Newsletter
August 2009
Vol. 19 
My Niece Breaks Her Grandfather's Whoopee Cushion

Heartwarming Apology Exonerates Culprit - GRANDPA'S 60TH BIRTHDAY PARTY: Despite inflating and deflating her grandfather's whoopee cushion until it burst , Lori was completely forgiven upon receipt of the apology that accompanied the broken device. But how could a four year old unable to read or write possibly pen an apology? Enter Lori's older sister, Suzi. At 6 years old, Suzi's grasp of the English language was the missing link. Courtesy of stolen sips of Grandpa's soda, the girls worked well beyond their bed time. As Lori dictated, Suzi wrote. Both knew, however, if this apology were to be convincing, Lori would have to be the one holding the crayon. So, Suzi wrote ever so lightly knowing full well Lori would have to trace over the draft. The plan worked beautifully. The apology was so well crafted, it was almost as if my father had completely forgotten he owned a whoopee cushion in the first place! Apologies might not always work, but it certainly did this time. Well done, nieces!

Yin & Yang - Aside from playing with whoopee cushions I also played 18 holes of golf on a championship course. The photo to the left was the highlight of my round when I hit a rescue club on a par 3 to within one club length of the hole (nearly missing a hole-in-one). The other photo, was the lowlight. I hit two drives on #18 out of bounds to completely ruin an otherwise solid round. Should have stopped at 17.

Rain Reigns Supreme - Has it ever rained this much in a given baseball season? I finally scored some free tickets to a Mets game. The one drawback is that on a free ticket there is this "no rain checks" clause that mean you don't get to go if it's postponed and rescheduled. So, my buddies and I went ALL the way to citiField just to be disappointed. We did grab burgers at Donovan's Pub (one of the best burger places in the city) on the way home so it wasn't a total waste. Also, I'm still accepting free Mets tickets until the end of the season...which is sadly arriving way faster than I had hoped in the spring.

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Sean's TV/web/stage/field guide
eventdate/time & descriptionvenue
Robin's 30th
Mon 8/17 : Save the date as a day where fun will happen...maybe even a party. Also, singing will likely be involved.TBA, NYC
ETV 8Fri 8/28 @7p: Improvisers turn into rock stars for a night you won't forget. Robin did it last time and Shawn Amaro and I captured it on video (click here to see Robin sing "Magic Man"). Here's thefacebook eventKenny's
Sun 8/30 @2pm: My 92Y softball team has clinched a playoff spot, come see what we do with it if you're interested in watching or just enjoying Central Park before the end of summer.Great Lawn
field #2
Junior Varsity
My improv comedy house team at the Magnet Theater
Boston or Burst - Junior Varsity is excited to perform at the Boston Improv festival in Early September. Also, beginning in September, JV will be performing EVERY THURSDAY @10p as part of Thursday Night Out. $5 gets you in to up to five shows and free pizza. If you haven't been in awhile, please come.
Variety Underground
Free once-a-month variety show hosted and booked by me and Shawn Amaro
Thursday, Aug 6th from 7:30-9pm at the Parkside Lounge, in addition to the improv groups Jurassic Park and The Patsy Decline, Variety Underground's lineup includes musical sketch comedy by Shoes & Socks, a clown act called Butt Kapinski and stand up comedy by Adam Newman and Aaron Putnam. As always, Free admission and a loosely enforced 2 drink minimum.Parkside Lounge

(click for directions)
Want to perform at VU? Please submit your act!
The Spotlight with Sean Taylor
My talk show featuring folks who have been on TV!
Encore condensed episodes of The Spotlight are available on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network for folks living in Manhattan with Time Warner cable. So, set your DVRs to the upcoming air dates and times...


Thursday, Aug 6th, 2009 @11:30p on Channel 67
Thursday, Aug 20th, 2009 @11:30p on Channel 67


Want to talk about YOUR appearance on TV? Please click here to submit yourself to be a guest on the show!


Sean's Upcoming shows
(all shows in NYC unless otherwise indicated)
Thu, Aug 06
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Aug 13
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Sun, Aug 16
@ Urban Stages
259 West 30th St.
Thu, Aug 20
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Mon, Aug 24Class Performance
6:30p Level 4 Class Performance
@ the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater
307 W. 26th Street
See Sean's full schedule of shows

- You read this far but you might not have clicked on the link of Robin singing at ETV

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