tayls99 (tayls99) wrote,

Mets crushed by Braves

August 19, 2009

Braves 15
Mets 2

A day after the Mets scored 8 runs in a single inning, the Braves equalled the feat and then some. Not just "some" but "a lot."  Starting pitcher Bobby Parnell seemed to be throwing fastball after fastball after fastball. I guess the other pitches in his arsenal were not working. It was just a matter of time before the Braves timed him and caught up to his 94 mph heat. Unfortunately, that "time" happened in the second inning with Adam LaRoche's no-doubt 3-run homer. While Atlanta "caught up to speed," New York was "just missing." The 8-run second only occurred because catcher Omir Santos "just missed" a foul pop-up and Shortstop Anderson Hernandez just missed throwing out two Atlanta infield hits. The air was so heavy, the dust never actually settled...nor did the Atlanta offense. They continued to batter Mets pitching even scoring the 15th run in the top of the ninth. It was a sad, sad day to realize just how impotent the Mets are this year.

John O'Donnell and I arrived at CitiField full of optimism on this hot and muggy August night.  T is beautiful. The sunset was idyllic. My Shack-ago Dog from the Shake Shack in center field was amazing. The only thing lacking was competitive baseball. Reminders of what the home team lacked were everywhere. Mets fans donning jerseys of players long since traded and franchise players currently only appearing on Disabled List rosters made the Braves rout even more sobering. Eventually even the most optimistic, hopeful, you-gotta-believe fans need to face the fact that the Mets are not going to win the World Series or even make the playoffs this year. Some folks will blame this on the performance enhancing drug crackdown preventing our players from "recovering."  Some will blame Bernie Madoff for screwing over the Mets owner so hard he couldn't afford to make necessary moves to put his team in contention this year. Even others blame the players for not playing. I just think we're snakebit.

When our luck turns around we got a team that can bean any team out there. I also like seeing the new guys earn their spot on the team. Tatis and Cora are the two hardnosed ball players that "get the job done." Sheffield, Francouer, and Murphy are our past, present, and future of power production. I also like Angel Pagan. The rest of 'em, better start producing because when the franchise players come back, you're gone!

Here are some pix from the game...

still full of optimism (before the game)

The sunset was the only thing worth watching at Citifield

A delicious Shack-ago Dog

John & I hoping for a 13 run rally...didn't happen


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