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September: now with more newsletter, less wallet

 Sean Taylor's Newsletter
September 2009
Vol. 20 

Have you seen me? - I lost my wallet again. This happens so often its more of a "good Samaritan" test. Whoever found it this time has, thus far, failed the "good Samaritan" test. There wasn't much cash in it but there were four gold AMC movie passes. Although I'm not a mean guy, I am sort of hoping the movies the "bad Samaritan" chooses to see using the gold AMC tickets formerly known as mine are real stinkers. You know, like GLITTER-bad or SHOWGIRLS-bad. I also hope the person sitting in front of him at the theater blurts out plot points and answers her cell phone during the film. And, it would be acceptable if his popcorn gives him explosive diarrhea. Other than that, I hope he enjoys the show and my relatively new wallet. As for me, I'm working on losing a new one. This one is a blue velcro type. If you see it around, let me know...I probably don't.

Speaking of Stinkers... - I went to my second Mets game at Citifield to watch them get manhandled by the Braves 15 to 2. I wrote about the catastrophe here. I was just starting to turn the page on the abysmal lost and then "mets.com" shows up in my inbox with a "Game Recap." They say, right after they put up the 15-2 score that they "hope [I] enjoyed the game."

Geez, Mets, don't send out the form letter on the worst home loss of the season.

If you click on the "video highlights from the game" you will see my highlight from the game.

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Sean's TV/web/stage/field guide
eventdate/time & descriptionvenue
Tue 9/15: Happy __th Birthday, mom! I encourage everyone to celebrate it as she likely will not.Everywhere
House M.D. 
is back!
Mon 9/21 @8p: The Doctor is in (the asylum...according to snakesonacane.com). I love this TV show. If you are not yet into it I have seasons 1-3 on DVD and will gladly loan 'em out. I am not responsible for blown minds.
Sat 9/26: My roommate, the girls downstairs, and I are going to join forces and have a double-decker (two story) Astoria party. If you haven't already received the Facebook invite, email me back and I'll forward you the info.Astoria, NY
Pizza Month
Annual pursuit of the 31 Days of Pizza
October is National Pizza Month. The past seven years I have celebrated it by eating at least one slice of pizza every day at 31 different locations with at least one guest. I also blog about it with photos and ratings. Last year 8 friends of mine made videos for 8 pizza days putting their own unique flare in the editing process. Check out all the final products here.

This year, I intend to make it eight years in a row. If you want to be a part of Pizza Month 2008 by either joining me or recommending a pizza place, please click here and let me know.

Junior Varsity
My improv comedy house team at the Magnet Theater
TNT - (Thursday Night @ Ten) JV will be performing EVERY THURSDAY @10p as part of Thursday Night Out. $5 gets you in to up to five shows and free pizza. If you haven't been to see us or the Magnet in awhile, be our guest!
The Spotlight with Sean Taylor
My talk show featuring folks who have been on TV!
Encore condensed episodes of The Spotlight are available on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network for folks living in Manhattan with Time Warner cable. So, set your DVRs to the upcoming air dates and times...


Thursday, Sep 3rd, 2009 @11:30p on Channel 67
Thursday, Sep 17th, 2009 @11:30p on Channel 67


Want to talk about YOUR appearance on TV? Please click here to submit yourself to be a guest on the show!


Sean's Upcoming shows
(all shows in NYC unless otherwise indicated)
Thu, Sep 17
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Sep 24
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Oct 01
@ the Parkside Lounge
317 East Houston Street
212.673.6270......free admission
two drink minimum


@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Oct 08
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Oct 15
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
See Sean's full schedule of shows

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