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Oct 2009 Newsletter

 Sean Taylor's Newsletter
October 2009
Vol. 21 

Let the Pizza begin - For the next 31 days, I'm gonna be eating pizza. If the past seven years are any indicator, I'm in for a delicious month full of good friends, good times, and a lot of reviewing. Pizza Month has a new home here...



It's not too late to get involved in my pursuit of the 31 days of pizza-eating. Please recommend your favorite pizzeria and/or contact me if you want to join me for a slice. If our schedules don't line up during October, don't worry...I eat pizza the rest of the year as well.

So You Think You Can Edit... - Time to nut-up or shut up! I've always wanted to be cool enough to use that phrase, but applying it to digital editing is probably not quite what the coiners of the phrase had in mind.

Are Film Festivals cool? I think so. I am having my second annual Pizza Month Award Ceremony / Film Festival in the first week of December.

How does it work? Well, I video tape a pizza day and give you the footage. You edit it the way you see fit. Erik Tanouye* won Best in Show last year and is one of seven editors already signed up. There are plenty more slots so contact me if you want to nut up.

Maybe some of last year's vids will inspire you...

edited by: Shawn AmaroLouie PearlmanHannah ChaseKevin HinesErik Tanouye*

Caption Contest
Congratulations, Jon Bander!
winner of Sep Caption Contest

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Sean's TV/web/stage/field guide
eventdate/time & descriptionvenue
1,001 StoriesFri 10/16 @7p: My roommate, Tony Carnevale is reading a story that may or may not mention me! Man, and I thought no one was looking. Anyway, the show is fun and free.the Creek
Drama Therapy
Fri 10/16 @6:30p: Megan Rees, of the extended Magnet family is announcing the opening of her private drama therapy practice. Congrats! Contact her to set up an session. What is drama therapy? 
click for answer
Wmburg or
Union Square
The 1978
Paul Lynde
Fri 10/23 @11:30p: If last year is any indicator, there will be many funny celebrity impressions from some of my favorite people. Last year Robin played Charro and sang a song. I played Opie (Ron Howard from Happy Days). Tickets are only $5.Magnet Theater
Pizza Month
Annual pursuit of the 31 Days of Pizza
Here is a running list of pizzerias I am hoping to visit this Pizza Month...


  • Co. (Chelsea)
  • Roberta's (Wmburg)
  • L'asso (Little Italy)
  • Italian Village (UES)
  • Supper (E. Village)
  • Lazzara's slice place (Hell's Kitchen)
  • Luzzo's slice place (UES)
  • Vezzo (Murray Hill)
  • Rizzo's (Astoria)
  • Denino's (Staten Island)
  • Motorino (E. Village branch)
  • Nomad (NJ)
  • Keste (W. Village)
  • Anselmo's (Red Hook)
  • Pizza in the Cone (Astoria)
  • Delizia (UES)
  • Zio Nino (Staten Island)
Please recommend others if I'm leaving some out (that I haven't already reviewed).
Junior Varsity
My improv comedy house team at the Magnet Theater
TNT - (Thursday Night @ Ten) JV will be performing EVERY THURSDAY @10p as part of Thursday Night Out. $5 gets you in to up to five shows and free pizza.

Tonight JV performs in two different cities at the same time! That's right, most of my team is in Philadelphia for the improv festival but I picked folks that look like my teammates to perform with me as JV2.0. See the new version and drink $1 PBRs. We'll find out tonight whether it's an upgrade or not :).


Tonight's cast Announced!

JV2.0 ... JV
Beth Cartier ... Lucia Aniello
Justin Moran .... Shawn Wickens
Christian Paluck .... Kevin Cragg
Marcy Jarreau ... Megan Gray
Robin Rothman ... Jane Borden
Erik Tanouye ... Sean Taylor
Jon Roufaeal ... Jamie Rivera
Sean Taylor ... Jarret Berenstein

Hope to see y'all tonight!

The Spotlight with Sean Taylor
My talk show featuring folks who have been on TV!
Encore condensed episodes of The Spotlight are available on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network for folks living in Manhattan with Time Warner cable. So, set your DVRs to the upcoming air dates and times...


Thursday, Oct 1st, 2009 @11:30p on Channel 67
Thursday, Oct 15th, 2009 @11:30p on Channel 67
Thursday, Oct 29th, 2009 @11:30p on Channel 67


Want to talk about YOUR appearance on TV? Please click here to submit yourself to be a guest on the show!


Sean's Upcoming shows
(all shows in NYC unless otherwise indicated)
Thu, Oct 01
@ the Parkside Lounge
317 East Houston Street
212.673.6270......free admission
two drink minimum


@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Oct 08
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Oct 15
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Oct 22
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
Thu, Oct 29
@ the Magnet Theater
254 W 29th Street
See Sean's full schedule of shows

- You read this far so I might as well tell you. I was interviewed by the NY POST about Pizza Month but the article was killed because the Daily News had done an article on some other guy's pizza pursuit a week earlier. We did a photo shoot and everything :(

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