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Waking up in the city that doesn't sleep

So, after a decade of living in Astoria, Queens, I have finally moved into the "city." My first impression is probably the same first impression most people have about Manhattan apartments and that is, "wow, this is small." Our furniture arrives next Monday so I am writing on the only seat in the house, which, um, how do I say this, has flushing capabilities. Yes, I'm writing on a toilet. The fact this chair serves two functions is par for the course in Manhattan. Due to the cozy (dinky) living quarters, nearly all furniture has multiple uses. Theoretically, we have taken this into account.

A man a floor plan a canal prool Fanama - I say "theoretically" because we used this floor plan software (available at floorplanner.com) to map the entire apartment with all furnishings to scale in a flat 2-dimensional blueprint. Then, with the click of a mouse, a 3D walk-through is visible letting you virtually tour your new layout without moving anything. I recommend it.

Hopefully, live journal, you can come visit and do an actual walk through of the place once the furniture arrives. In the meantime, check out these 3D renderings....
3d top

3d bed

3d living

Here are some theories as to why NYC is the city that doesn't sleep...
1. Loud cars and trucks regardless of what time it is
2. Old creaky floors
3. Heaters and refrigerators that make more weird noises than Michael Winslow (guy from Police Academy)
4. Cramped living quarters make having a big bed impossible so if you're tossing and turning, so is your partner
5. Everything is open all hours of the night

It's probably one or all of the above. :)

Anyway, I happy to call it home now. 
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