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I Built the New Magnet Theater Website

Look What I Coded...
Magnet Theater free improv classes in new york city nyc

I"m so thrilled to be a part of the web team that coded the new look for the Magnet Theater's website (http://www.magnettheater.com). Obviously I won't get into the nitty gritty but I am particularly proud of the classes page. It lists all the improv comedy classes currently offered at the theater along with the ability to sign a waiting list for ones that have already filled up. While coding the backend of the site, I was excited to see the up-and-coming sketch comedy program taking shape. Better yet, two of the owners, Armando Diaz and Ed Herbstman, are teaching level two sketch classes!

A difference between the old site and the current one is the Magnet Theater's Corporate offerings and Touring Company (Tour co.). According to the website, a group of some of the best and most hilarious improvisers at the theater will bring the fun and supportive improv environment to you. Having been privileged to instruct a few team-building workshops I know that the value of seeing co-workers do something outside the office along side each other. It's like morale is being boosted every second.

The most fulfilling part of launching the site is feeling like I am contributing to the amazing community of which I am so proud to be a part. In addition to being the home to some of the best comedy I have ever seen, the people are what make me happiest. I met my fiance when she was an intern and I was performing on a Megawatt team. And my story is not unique. The Magnet Theater is a great place to meet girls! Whether I am sharing a cheap beer (or wine) at the bar with some seasoned improviser or sharing a scene with a first timer at a free mixer, it never ceases to get old. I guess that's because improv never ages. There are teenagers and septuagenarians playing amongst us, but who cares? With a positive open minded community like improv, age just isn't a factor.
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