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Tough Commute

So today there was a power outage on the entire East side of Manhattan, shutting down the 4, 5, and 6 trains. These trains are crucial for anyone who works downtown in the financial district, on Madison Ave, or anywhere near Grand Central Terminal. Luckily, I happened to not sleep very well so I was able to leave for work earlier than usual, but it still took an additional 15 minutes (50% more time) to get here. Despite the fact that half the city (4.5 million people) were probably inconvenienced, notice that I'm only talking about myself. That is something that people do in New York City. It's a selfish city and I have only recently caught on. I realized how selfish I was when I went for coffee.

This nice Arab man works inside this little cart called the "Good Morning Cafe" everyday. Regardless of weather conditions, he is forced to stand for like five hours inside a coffee and pastry filled cart and be nice to some of New York's annoyingest (I-Bankers). Well, I eventually made my way to his cart today and asked "How are you?" which he usually does. I said, "good", as I usually do but then I changed my answer and said, "well, the subway lost power". He looked at me as if I had cracked a case that had befuddled him for years. He said, "Ooohh.." and pointed at his cart which was loaded with more bagels and donuts than I'd ever seen. It was at this moment that I realized that the subway shut down had pretty much eliminated his entire clientele ('cept for me). I don't know if he works on commission or has to bake the goods himself but I did feel bad for him. Afterall, he has such little room as it is and now he's stuck with 10x more nasty pastries than usual. Did I do something about it? Yes. I bought me a bagel in addition to the coffee. There's no need to thank me, live journal. I was just doing what I thought was right.

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